Careers at IDUN

Currently we do not have any open position at IDUN. If you’re interested in working with us, we’re always keen to receive blind applications.

Please see below a list of our current job openings at IDUN. To view a vacancy, click on read more below the opportunity.

Dive into our world 

At IDUN Technologies we see customers as partners, and we are striving for win-win relationships. The time is now to explore how neurotechnology and the Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform could transform your business and help you to personalize your products and services. Working with us means pioneering into the Internet of Humans and changing the world for the better.

This is how we work together

  1. You tell us about your work and neurotechnology could transform it
  2. We review the opportunity and set up conversations to explore a partnership
  3. We start defining a proof-of-concept study and kick it off with a workshop
  4. We conduct the proof-of-concept study and validate the technology in your field of work
  5. We co-develop the solution specific to your needs and scale it towards Guardian deployment to reach your end users
Work with us


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