Our Classifier Portfolio

Say goodbye to physical controllers and embrace seamless, intuitive control with our classifiers. Utilizing subtle jaw clenching and precise eye movements, our earbuds empower developers to interact with devices and environments effortlessly.

Real-Time Predictions

Accessible through our Python SDK

Unlock the full potential of our cutting-edge Eaburds with our Python SDK, designed for seamless integration and ease of use. This toolkit provides developers with straightforward access to our powerful classifiers, including real-time jaw clench detection, eye-movement recognition (coming soon), eye-tracking (coming soon), and frequency band analysis. Whether you're crafting sophisticated gaming interfaces, developing sleep monitoring systems, or exploring new frontiers in hands-free control, our Python SDK ensures you can implement and customize our technology effortlessly. Dive into our well-documented SDK to start building innovative applications that leverage the full capabilities of in-ear EEG sensing.

Classifier #1

Real-Time Jaw Clench 

Unleash new dimensions in user interaction with our Real-time Jaw Clench Classifier. This feature is designed for developers who need to incorporate unique, hands-free input methods into their applications, such as gaming or accessibility tools. By detecting jaw clenching, this classifier allows for intuitive user commands that are both simple and effective, enhancing the gaming experience or providing essential controls for accessibility technologies.

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Classifier #2

Real-Time Frequency Bands

Our Frequency Band Classifier simplifies the analysis of EEG data by segregating the signal into the distinct frequency bands of the brain in real time. This tool is invaluable for developers who need to understand or utilize the frequency characteristics of brain activity without delving into the complexities of raw EEG data. Whether for developing mental state monitoring applications or creating biofeedback systems, this classifier provides a straightforward foundation for custom algorithm development.

Classifier #3 (Coming Soon)

Real-Time Eye-Movement

Our Eye-Movement Classifier offers a robust tool for developers to detect general eye movement. This classifier is ideal for applications such as monitoring sleep stages, particularly REM sleep, or integrating hands-free controls in various interfaces. Developers can leverage this technology to create custom algorithms that enhance user interactions or contribute to insightful sleep and health research. optimize performance and prevent cognitive overload. 


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Classifier #4 (Coming Soon)

Real-Time Eye-Tracking:

Enhance your applications with precise directional input using our Eye-Tracking Classifier. This technology distinguishes between left and right eye movements, enabling developers to implement more nuanced control schemes in their projects. Ideal for navigation in virtual environments, accessibility applications, or any system where gaze direction can serve as a reliable input method.

Advantages of the IDUN Guardian over other EEG devices


Can be used in the comfort of home.


Ergonomic design to provide comfort for all-day use.


Easy to put on in a plug-and-play manner.

The IDUN Guardian

One tool for all your brain-sensing needs