DRYODE™ Guardian Dev Kit progress –
February 2021 | IDUN Technologies AG

Discover our DRYODE™ Guardian Dev Kit progress! Our prototypes are more and more accurate, comfortable and scalable. Our earables become increasingly better and fit a generic ear shape. The latest version features exchangeable ear tips, audio capabilities and two EEG channels. Our brain box offers plug-and-play functionality, shielded cabling and will be miniaturized over the coming months to fit in the ear buds.  Our hardware ensures optimal fit, signal quality and comfort in one package, including EEG paradigm tests like Alpha or ASSR. Our brain analytics platform offers insights to raw signal quality, time and frequency domains plots as well as FFT plots for R&D purposes. On th coming weeks, we will expand our brain analytics platform with our emotion classifier and miniaturize our hardware to complete our Dev Kit development.

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