Hearing Health

Hearables are the health platform of the future

Better Hearing with the IDUN Guardian

With advancements in wearable technology, hearables can today measure physiological signal such as EEG. Because of their proximity to the brain’s auditory cortex, hearables are the ideal candidate to revolutionize the audio industry, allowing for smart, fully automatic device tuning and self-adjustment according to sound perception. Moreover, hearables allow for non-invasive long-term monitoring since they are non-invasive, discreet and also have a physiological advantage because of the ear’s proximity to the brain.

At IDUN Technologies, we are interested in the potential use of our technology in hearables ranging from wireless audio earbuds to intelligent hearing aids. We have validated the IDUN Guardian’s ability to decode markers related to hearing. Learn more in the hearing section of the IDUN White Paper.

Hearing Aids

We are interested in leveraging the potential of our technology to personalise the hearing experience available through modern hearing aids by using in-ear EEG and in-ear EOG data.


Hearing Threshold

EEG could be beneficial for enhancing hearing health through the estimation of an individual’s hearing threshold by frequency



Hearing Intent

In-ear EEG sensors also enable the recording of EOG signals indicative of eye movement.



The IDUN Guardian

The technology behind the IDUN Guardian can be integrated into hearing aids and other consumer earbuds.



More about our mission for better sleep

Sleep Scoring

Find out how IDUN is running in-house validation programmes to revolutionise how we measure sleep.

Sleep Staging

Learn more about the data that IDUN Technologies is collecting and how we are using it to change how we monitor sleep.

Sleep Expert Podcast

Watch our Sleep Expert Michel talk to our podcast host Mark in the 20 min Sleep Expert Podcast.

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At IDUN Technologies we see customers as partners, and we are striving for win-win relationships. The time is now to explore how neurotechnology and the Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform could transform your business and help you to personalize your products and services. Working with us means pioneering into the Internet of Humans and changing the world for the better.

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