Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform

We bring neurotechnology into earbuds to create the most intuitive neural interface to date

The Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform

The Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform turns brain signals into actionable insights. Our platform is a closed-loop system which translates brain waves to actionable insights with the most intuitive neural interface to date. Our partners turn these actionable insights into interventions to promote mental health and wellbeing.

The DRYODE™ Sensor

Our proprietary DRYODE™ sensor material provides best-in-class signal quality from one of the most promising locations for health monitoring on the human body, the ear canal.




The Hardware

We ensure high functionality, reliability and low power consumption. We optimized the device form factor for comfortable fit and artifact reduction.




The Cloud

The device sends pre-processed data to the cloud where signal processing turns brain signals into actionable insights. Relevant neuromarkers are identified in EEG data and interpreted accordingly.




IDUN Technologies enables customers to personalize their products and services according to the mental state of their users. An intuitive access to the Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform is necessary for smooth integration into the customers’ workflow.


How can you use our technology?

Our wearable technology can be used to improve current products and services where insights into the brain would be useful. Our non-invasive hearable technology provides a comfortable and practical solution for end users that can be integrated into a wide variety of current wearable and hearable devices.

What are these actionable insights?

Our brain is always on, producing signals that our Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform can read, interpret, and process. Once processed these signals can tell us a lot about our state of mind, including levels of tiredness, focus and other cognitive activity when reacting to visual and auditory stimuli.

Use cases

Our Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform is already being used in the fields of sleep, hearing health and wellbeing. For example, we are working with EverListen to develop techniques using our platform to help users improve their hearing by monitoring their cognitive activity when reacting to auditory stimuli.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support to partners from the very beginning and pride ourselves in ensuring that partners are always given up to the minute updates on whatever relevant topic they need. This includes operational and technical support so we can reach the full potential of our collaboration.

Dive into our world 

At IDUN Technologies we see customers as partners, and we are striving for win-win relationships. The time is now to explore how neurotechnology and the Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform could transform your business and help you to personalize your products and services. Working with us means pioneering into the Internet of Humans and changing the world for the better.

Call to Action:

  1. Quick introduction call with the IDUN business development team to get to know each other
  2. Explore partnership opportunities by defining a proof-of-concept study
  3. Conduct the proof-of-concept study to validate the use case
  4. Use the findings to co-develop a neuro-enhanced product or service that empowers your business
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