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Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population. Moreover, 40% of people with insomnia are believed to also be affected by a mental health disorder with around 75% of adults suffering from depression also suffering from insomnia. This problem can affect people from all walks of life, including current and retired military personnel with 90% of those struggling with PTSD also dealing with symptoms of insomnia.

We at IDUN Technologies are working on improving sleep quality for everyone. We are already running Proof of Concept (PoC) studies with leaders in the field of sleep health and truly believe that this work, which feeds into the development of our Neuro-Intelligence Platform (NIP), will reshape how we think about sleep and how it is monitored and treated in the future. If you want to find out more about what we are doing and the current state of the world of sleep, the keep reading or feel free to reach out through our contact form below.

Sleep Disorders

The United States alone represents a huge opportunity in sleep health, with 50-70 million US adults currently struggling with a sleep disorder.



Current Solutions

Sleep tracking in wearables generally focuses on sleep staging and building quality metrics from overnight sleep data.



The Market

Sleep Tech Devices Market size exceeded USD 12.5 billion in 2020 and is poised to achieve over 17.8% CAGR between 2021 and 2027.



The Guardian

The implication of daytime sleep onset detection from earbuds represents a new and significant step forward in wearable sensor technologies.



More about our mission for better sleep

Sleep Scoring

Find out how IDUN is running in-house validation programmes to revolutionise how we measure sleep.

Sleep Staging

Learn more about the data that IDUN Technologies is collecting and how we are using it to change how we monitor sleep.

Sleep Expert Podcast

Watch our Sleep Expert Michel talk to our podcast host Mark in the 20 min Sleep Expert Podcast.

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At IDUN Technologies we see customers as partners, and we are striving for win-win relationships. The time is now to explore how neurotechnology and the Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform could transform your business and help you to personalize your products and services. Working with us means pioneering into the Internet of Humans and changing the world for the better.

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