IDUN Technologies Podcast – February 2021 –
With our newest IDUN-Family member Cao Tri Do

Physiological signals are already recorded, what about recording brain activity? Data science consists of making sense out of data for any domains. Neurotechnoly has always been there, but restricted to laboratories environment. The challenge is now to push the boundaries of Neurotechnology by changing the setting and creating more out of it. To that extent, IDUN Technology develops both the hardware and software, what provides an holistic and deep data understanding. New generation devices would enable to go beyond current EEG potential and measure brain signals over longer periods. The possibilities are huge, it enables to obverse how the brain evolves, what’s the tipping point under certain mental health conditions. Brain is still unexplored, there is lots of missing pieces to the puzzle. To improve neuro understanding, we need a broaden EEG adoption.

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