Download your free Mental Workload / Sleep Dataset

Mental Workload: Upon downloading this sample, you'll receive a file containing data from our mental workload experiment conducted at IDUN. The file includes a video documentation of the experiment, alongside raw and filtered EEG data. The raw EEG data provides the unaltered electrical brain activity recorded during the experiment, while the filtered data has been processed to remove noise, offering a clearer insight into the neural indicators of mental workload. 

Sleep: This dataset contains raw sleep data from one night recording from one participant. EEG data has been collected with two different systems at the same time, once with the mBrainTrain Smarting Pro full-scalp cap (24 EEG channels, 2 EOG channels) and once with our Guardian Earbuds. 

These datasets serve as a valuable resource for researchers, developers, and anyone interested in neurotechnology and mental workload & Sleep analysis.


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