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We shape and influence industries horizontally with actionable insights from neuromarkers generated in sleep health and hearing health. Companies from industries like Pharma, Consumer Audio and Hearing Aids are using our technology to improve and personalize their products and services


Use Case

We enable sleep health

Sleep disorders are a pervasive issue. With our technology, companies can more easily collect more data about their patients to better understand and treat the problems.

Use Case

We enable Hearing health

With our technology, we enable hearing aid companies to offer their clients new methods and innovative solutions that go beyond today’s standards.

Use Case

We enable Mindfulness

We help companies understand more about the power of meditation and mindfulness to provide their clients with additional information about what is going on in their bodies and how to actively address it.


Together with Takeda, the Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company and largest pharmaceutical company in Asia, we are validating our technology for sleep onset neuromarker detection. The solution could potentially be scaled across multiple of the companies’ drug development tracks and help to build a “service beyond the pill” to patients around the globe.


We have entered a strategic partnership with Austrian hearing experts Everlisten. The company is a spinoff from Neuroth, one of the leading hearing acoustics companies worldwide. The collaboration aims to tackle the devastating effects of hearing loss. The first step of the collaboration is to quantify the efficacy of the hearing training with in-ear brain monitoring with the overall goal to personalize the training sessions to a user’s individual brain responses. With a neuroscientific concept called auditory steady-state response (ASSR) it is possible to detect the neurological reaction of the brain to an audio stimulus. These ASSR tests can be used to create an audiogram to answer questions on hearing capabilities, hearing loss and aural rehabilitation.


SEGOTIA Limited, is an audio software company from the Republic of Ireland. They deliver convincing spatial audio experiences via head tracking solutions to drive realistic and immersive headphone experiences and integrate machine learning-based audio for personalized profiles and spatial audio to create advanced augmented hearing products.

In our collaboration we are taking the concept of audio personalization one step further and create an audio experience based on a users’ mental state. The audio changes from 2D to immersive 3D based on brain waves, demonstrating the potential of brain-powered consumer audio products.

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