Cognitive Workload

Say goodbye to bulky headsets and embrace a comfortable, unobtrusive method of capturing brain activity. In-ear EEG technology unlocks a world of possibilities, enabling continuous monitoring of cognitive states in real-world settings.

Real-Time measurements

Outside of the sleep lab

Recent studies have unveiled the comparable power spectral density (PSD) obtained from in-ear EEG and traditional scalp-EEG, highlighting its accuracy in assessing neural correlates of cognition, including cognitive workload. Extensive scientific literature has established the connection between PSD and human cognition, revealing distinct oscillatory patterns that provide captivating insights into cognitive processes and cognitive workload assessment.

Cognitive Workload

Real-Time Insights and Practical Applications

Imagine the ability to track attentional fluctuations through alpha-band activity or explore the realms of working memory and cognitive load through theta-band activity. In-ear EEG empowers us to capture these oscillatory patterns, revolutionizing real-time monitoring and assessment of cognitive states, including mental workload.

But the applications of in-ear EEG extend far beyond the confines of the laboratory. Envision monitoring cognitive workload in high-stakes professions like air traffic control or surgery, providing real-time feedback to optimize performance and prevent cognitive overload. Picture the potential in educational settings, where in-ear EEG can assess student engagement and attention, unraveling valuable insights for personalized learning and adaptive instructional design.


Our Cognitive Workload Whitepaper

To determine the efficacy of our in-ear EEG sensor in detecting mental workload, we conducted a mental arithmetic task starting with easy problems and progressing to difficult ones. Our mental workload detection algorithm showcased a clear increase in cognitive demands during the challenging task phase. This finding not only emphasizes the remarkable sensitivity of our in-ear EEG earbuds in detecting cognitive shifts but also reinforces their potential as a valuable tool for evaluating cognitive workload in real-life scenarios.

For a deeper dive into our research and to understand the full capabilities and applications of our technology, we invite you to download our comprehensive whitepaper on cognitive workload. This document details the scientific approach and the algorithms that empower our earbuds to deliver reliable and actionable data.


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Advantages of the IDUN Guardian over other EEG devices


Can be used in the comfort of home.


Ergonomic design to provide comfort for all-day use.


Easy to put on in a plug-and-play manner.

The IDUN Guardian

One tool for all your brain-sensing needs