Designed with Sleep in Mind

You can forget the long setup times, the discomfort of your participants, the sticky gel in the morning, the long-lasting signs of forehead electrodes.

Longitudinal measurements

Outside of the sleep lab

The IDUN Guardian can be used for longitudinal measurements of high-quality sleep EEG and movement, enabling researchers to explore sleep and its effect on mental health at scale and over longer periods of time.

sleep and app

Bridging the Gap

Smartwatches are widely used to measure sleep, but they are often inaccurate since they only estimate brain activity.

Polysomnography (PSG) is the gold standard for sleep measurement but it is restricted to a lab, requires a trained technician and is expensive and cumbersome.

The IDUN Guardian strikes a balance between both, combining the wearability of smartwatch with the accuracy of the PSG in capturing sleep EEG.


Validated for Reliability and Accuracy

EEG analysis is a powerful tool for understanding various aspects of sleep, from its onset to different stages. It identifies specific brain wave types, such as alpha, beta, delta, and theta, which correlate with different sleep stages. Beyond just classifying sleep stages, EEG can assess sleep quality and has the potential to detect disorders like insomnia and narcolepsy.

Sleep markers shown by in-ear EEG data:

  • Shift from high-frequency activity to low-frequency activity (Wake – N1)
  • Eye movements (Wake – N1 and possibly also for REM classification)
  • Sleep Spindles (N2)
  • K-Complexes (N2)
  • Slow-wave sleep (N3)
  • Breathing patterns

Outside of the sleep lab

Beyond the confines of sleep labs, In-Ear EEG offers a nuanced view of sleep microarchitecture, capturing key indicators like K-complexes and sleep spindles. This technology provides a more comprehensive analysis compared to actigraphy and smartwatches, which focus primarily on sleep macroarchitecture.

Sleep markers

Advantages of the IDUN Guardian over the PSG


Can be used in the comfort of home.


Ergonomic design to provide comfort to the user during sleep.


Easy for the user to set up without needing a trained technician.

Long-term sleep monitoring

Can be used regularly for longitudinal sleep recordings.

The IDUN Guardian

One tool for all your brain-sensing needs