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Transform your product offerings with our seamless white-labeling solution—effortlessly integrate EEG technology into your offerings and tailor it to your brand’s unique style

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We take care of the data collection, you take care of the intervention

Our white-labeling solution offers a straightforward path for companies eager to incorporate EEG data collection into their products without the complexity of developing the technology from scratch. By rebranding our IDUN Guardian device according to your company's preferences, we enable a seamless integration that maintains your brand identity. Once deployed, the device captures users' brain signals and transmits them to our cloud platform. Here, the signals are analyzed using algorithms provided by our partners through an API connection. This analysis facilitates the timely deployment of targeted interventions, tailored to meet the specific needs of your customer base. With our technology, you can enhance your product's capabilities, offering cutting-edge, neuro-responsive features that stand out in the market.

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Why the IDUN Guardian?

The most accurate In-Ear EEG Solution

Everyday EEG measurements in the most non-intrusive manner over long periods are now possible. Building algorithms for brain-sensing Earbuds is now possible. Setting up a mobile EEG recording in less than 15 seconds is now possible.


Can be used in the comfort of home.


Ergonomic design to provide comfort to the user, even during sleep.


Easy for the user to set up without needing a trained technician.

Rebrand and integrate ready

Can be integrated effortlessly into your companies offerings whilst maintaining you brands identity

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The IDUN Guardian

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