Our brain analytics platform consists of in-ear EEG earbuds and a cloud-based solution. This powerful combination empowers enterprises to deliver personalized interventions, enhancing the well-being of end users.

IDUN Guardian

The world’s first brain analytics platform enabled by in-ear EEG earbuds

Our brain-sensing earbuds are integrated with a full-stack, cloud-based solution where data is analyzed and insights can be generated. We’re at the forefront of the next generation of wearables!

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live streaming of EEG signals (brian activity) while wearing IDUN Guardian in-ear EEG earbuds


The science behind
the IDUN Guardian

The IDUN Guardian is backed by the latest scientific breakthroughs in EEG technology. Learn more about how brain activity can be leveraged to enhance everyday life.

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Use Cases


IDUN Technologies Podcast

IDTechEx and IDUN Podcast

IDTechEx and IDUN Podcast In this episode of the IDUN Technologies podcast series, Tess Skyrme, a Technology Analyst from IDTechEx,…

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