The easiest way to measure EEG

Record high-quality brain signals as easily as wearing your favourite pair of earbuds.

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The most accurate In-Ear EEG Solution

Everyday EEG measurements over long periods, building algorithms for brain-sensing Earbuds, setting up a mobile EEG recording in less than 15 seconds and more. All possible now!

Access to raw EEG

Unlock the full potential of your brain's insights with instant access to recorded Raw EEG data, enabling a deeper understanding of neural dynamics

Console Web App

Experience the most intuitive way to record, access, and organize your EEG data through our user-friendly Console Webapp

Python SDK

Built for Developers: Leverage our Python SDK to tap into EEG data in real-time and develop custom interventions, expanding the scope of what's possible in neurotech

Powerful API

Integrate seamlessly with your systems using our powerful API, designed to connect and enhance your existing technology infrastructure

Lab Streaming Layer

Facilitate sophisticated multi-device studies with the LSL, integrated within our Python SDK for comprehensive data synchronisation

Access to Classifiers

Gain access to real-time prediction classifiers, such as Jaw-clench and frequency bands, to enhance your research and product capabilities

Custom experiments

Program and execute your own experiments using our versatile Python SDK combined with the LSL—customise to meet your unique research needs

High Comfort

The IDUN Guardian is optimized for both day and night use, ensuring high comfort as a versatile all-day EEG monitoring device

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What our customers say

“We’re finding that the correlation between IDUN and most of our clinical grade EEG channels is >0.8. Very impressive!”

"The IDUN Guardian is a reliable solution to get in-ear EEG. It is easy to set up and integrate in scientific studies as well as interface with LSL."

“IDUN Technologies ‘hearable’ sensing technology has the potential to truly transform the way sleep disorders are diagnosed and treatments personalized."

Some of our Case Studies


Sama Therapeutics conducted a study comparing IDUN's in-ear EEG with Zeto's 19-channel scalp EEG, focusing on psilocybin-induced brainwave changes in eight volunteers


The data demonstrated 80% signal correspondence between the two EEG methods. A machine learning model was able to identify individuals under the influence of psilocybin with a 95% accuracy rate.


The research supports the potential for more targeted and personalized psychedelic interventions. By accurately monitoring neuromarkers, treatments involving psychedelics like psilocybin could be better understood and optimized.


People suffering from narcolepsy experience a diagnostic delay of years and often get misdiagnosed, which leads to wrong treatments and further delays.


IDUN and Takeda worked on a joint project to validate how well In-Ear EEG Earbuds can detect sleep onset, through a Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT) with 20 participants.


By precisely monitoring daytime naps and nighttime awakenings, EEG Earbuds can promptly identify at-risk individuals, expediting the pre-diagnostics process.