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The most accurate In-Ear EEG Solution

Everyday EEG measurements over long periods are now possible. Building algorithms for brain-sensing Earbuds is now possible. Setting up a mobile EEG recording in less than 15 seconds is now possible.

Access to raw EEG

Unlock the full potential of your brain's insights with instant access to recorded Raw EEG data, enabling a deeper understanding of neural dynamics

Console Web App

Experience the most intuitive way to record, access, and organize your EEG data through our user-friendly Console Webapp

Python SDK

Built for Developers: Leverage our Python SDK to tap into EEG data in real-time and develop custom interventions, expanding the scope of what's possible in neurotech

Powerful API

Integrate seamlessly with your systems using our powerful API, designed to connect and enhance your existing technology infrastructure


Lab Streaming Layer

Facilitate sophisticated multi-device studies with the LSL, integrated within our Python SDK for comprehensive data synchronisation

Access to Classifiers

Gain access to real-time prediction classifiers, such as Jaw-clench and frequency bands, to enhance your research and product capabilities

Experiment Page

Conduct easy & intuitive, resting state and EOEC experiment on our new experiments page within the Webapp. Ideal for Users who don't want to code their own custom experiments

Higher Comfort

Not only is the new IDUN Guardian lighter and sleeker, it is also optimized for both day and night use, ensuring high comfort as a versatile all-day EEG monitoring device

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IDUN DRYODE™, the best sensor material.

Our strongest feature is the electrode material. After years of material science research to find the perfect combination of signal quality and reusability, we are now using the latest DRYODE technology for the IDUN Guardian, which ensures top-of-class soft and dry skin contact.


Need clarification?

What is EEG?

EEG (Electroencephalography) is a technique that records the brain's electrical activity using sensors placed on the scalp or in the ear (like us!). It is commonly used to diagnose and monitor conditions like epilepsy, sleep disorders, and brain function, as well as in research and neurotechnology applications.

I don’t know anything about EEG, can i still work with the guardian?

Yes, you can still work with the Guardian. Our device comes with an extensive list of classifiers that analyze the raw EEG data for you, such as frequency band classification, jaw clench, and eye movement detection, making it easy to develop applications even without prior EEG knowledge.

Is in-ear eeg a reliable method of measuring eeg?

Yes, in-ear EEG is a reliable method for measuring EEG. It provides accurate brain activity data comparable to traditional scalp EEG, making it suitable for various applications like focus tracking, fatigue detection, and sleep monitoring.

What is the difference between in-ear EEG and a traditional Full Scalp set up?

In-ear EEG measures brain activity using sensors in the ear, offering convenience and comfort, while traditional full scalp EEG uses multiple sensors placed on the scalp for broader spatial recognition. In-ear EEG is less obtrusive and easier to use but may not capture the same level of detailed spatial information as a full scalp setup.

Does it have audio?

Not at the moment, but audio functionality will be available by the end of the year. Currently, the earbuds have an air canal, so external sounds are not blocked out.

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Product specs

IDUN Guardian specifications

  • EEG Earbuds

  • Python SDK

  • Console Web App

  • iOS & Android App


Size & Weight

Weight: 24 g

Eartip sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Wing sizes: Small, Large

Brainbox: 47 × 26 × 9 mm

Batterybox: 47 × 26 × 9 mm




Sensor material: DRYODE™

EEG channel: 1 (+ref & ground)

Impedance (typ.): <200 kOhm




Resolution: 24 bits

Input range: ±100 mV

Output sample rate: 250 Hz

Connectivity: BLE 5+




Charging interface (not included): USB-C

Battery life: 8+ hours




Linear acceleration: 3-axis

Angular rate: 3-axis

Magnetic field (Compass): 3-axis



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Compatible OS

Windows 10 (x86-64)
macOS 13 Ventura (M1)



Compatible Software

Python 3.10.X




Internal BLE 5.0+ adapters
USB BLE 5.0+ adapters
Steady internet connection required




Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Data storage: S3
Server location: Frankfurt, Germany




Compatible OS

Windows 10/11 (x86-64)
MacOS 13 Ventura (M1)
Android 11+



Compatible Browsers

Samsung Internet




Internal BLE 5.0+ adapters
USB BLE 5.0+ adapters
Steady internet connection required




Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Data storage: S3
Server location: Frankfurt, Germany



Software Specifications:

IOS 15.0 or later

Android 5.1

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