The IDUN Guardian
Neuro-Intelligence Platform

The IDUN Guardian is a Neural-Intelligence Platform that starts with the IDUN Guardian Earbuds, a comfortable and easy to use interface that provides reliable in-ear EEG data.

This data is then processed through the IDUN Guardian SaaS Platform and clean pre-processed data is provided to our partners so they can complete a neurofeedback loop with interventions for their users.

This full stack solution will take us one step closer to the Internet of Humans, a more empathic and intuitive world for everyone.

In-ear EEG

By integrating EEG monitoring technology into earbuds, the fastest growing form factor in the world, the IDUN Guardian can monitor and process accurate brain data without the need for traditional solutions, which are bulky, uncomfortable, and impractical in everyday solutions.

The IDUN Guardian Earbuds work in tandem with our SaaS platform to provide our partners with the tools they need to develop the interventions they need to improve their existing products and services. The in-ear EEG data is accessible through the IDUN Guardian Console to be used in many use cases such as sleep, hearing, and VR/XR.

Benefits of the IDUN Guardian

The comfortable form factor of the IDUN Guardian Earbuds allows for:

Longitudinal brain data measurement

Use in everyday situations

Easy set up for the user

Optimised for sleep

The IDUN Guardian Earbuds are designed to be comfortable and reliable in any sleep position.

IDUN Guardian Console Web App

The console is a progressive web app that allows for the live streaming and storage of data that allows for experimentation and analysis.

IDUN Guardian API & SDK

Companies that are aiming to develop their own neuro-enhanced products can access the IDUN Guardian API & SDK.

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