Our Milestones

JAN 2017

First Patent
After 4 years of lab research, we filed for our first ETH Zurich patent.

NOV 2017

IDUN Technologies was founded by Simon Bachmann (CEO) and Séverine Chardonnens (CCO, former CTO)

MAY 2018

Pre-seed Round
We successfully raised our pre-seed funding round to support our product development goals.

JUN 2018

Team growth and recognition
We scaled our team to 5 people and our founders were recognized in Forbes 30-under-30.

FEB 2019

Our first prototype was distributed to customers for application testing.

NOV 2019

First product launched
We proudly released our first product to the public, the DryodeTM.

Second patent
We filed for our second patent.

JAN 2020

Team expansion
We doubled our personnel to over 10 people, broadening our available skillsets.

FEB 2020

Bridge round
We successfully raised a bridge round with multiple investors such as the Sony Startup Accelerator Program.

APR 2020

Third patent
We filed for our third patent.

OCT 2020

Team expansion
Team expansion into neuropsychology, biosignal processing and machine learning.

NOV 2020

Beta release DRYODE™
Beta release DRYODE™ Helios with selected partners

APR 2021

Takeda Challenge

IDUN Technologies wins the Takeda Digital Health Innovation Challenge to further enable the Internet of Humans

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MAY 2021


Release of the Guardian Neuro-Intelligence Platform

AUG 2021

Market Traction

IDUN Technologies AG closes CHF 2M Seed Extension to build market traction.

NOV 2021


IDUN Technologies AG enters Partnership with Austrian Hearing Training Experts Everlisten GmbH to build the Future of Listening.

FEB 2022

IDUN Technologies Nominated as 4YFN Finalist

IDUN Technologies AG nominated as one of the finalists for 4YFN at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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JUL 2022

IDUN Technologies Win Europe Regional OPPO Innovation Challenge

IDUN Technologies AG won the first phase of the OPPO Innovation Challenge and will now have the chance to pitch at the Global Event later this year.

APR 2023

IDUN Technologies introduces the IDUN Guardian

The first commercial in-ear EEG platform available worldwide, ready to ship from April 1st 2023.

JUL 2023

IDUN receives EUROSTARS funding

IDUN Technologies AG is excited to announce its partnership with Cerebra Medical Ltd. and Pilotfish Nederland BV for the «Personalised Sleep Recovery Platform» project, which has received funding support from Eurostars.

DEC 2023

IDUN receives Innosuise funding

IDUN receives funding from Innosuise to build a   Neuro-Adaptive Audio Earbud reference design.

APR 2024

IDUN Technologies releases first set of Classifiers

IDUN has released its initial series of real-time classifiers, making it simpler for developers without EEG expertise to utilize the Guardian. This set includes tools for jaw clench detection and frequency band analysis, facilitating the integration of neurotech features into diverse applications.

The IDUN Guardian

One tool for all your brain-sensing needs