IDUN Technologies Podcast – October 2020 - With special guest Eleonore Poli

“Learn how you work as a human being because you have to trust yourself first.”

IDUN partnered with Space@yourService to bring astronauts precious insights about their health and a better understanding of themselves in extreme conditions. The Internet of Humans pushes the boundaries enabling experts to push their limits in turn. Eleonore Poli, an analog astronaut, explains the importance of being part of something meaningful. What makes us humans is to push ourselves into the next move, to explore, to take challenges. The rule is that gains should be greater than pains. Let’s take risks only if you still perceive it as valuable after careful consideration. Then, plan everything you can to stay safe and the rest is chance. Always pursue your dream, even if it doesn’t work the first time, you will meet inspiring people on the way.

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