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Meet our team, our greatest asset

CEO & Co-founder

Simon Bachmann

I have a background in sports physiology, biomechanics and a master’s in health sciences & technologies from ETH Zurich. As co-founder and CEO I shape our vision, holistically implement our strategy and influence our operations in the commercialization and tech development tracks. I interface with our board of directors, support customer acquisition and drive our fundraising efforts.

CCO & Co-Founder

Séverine Gisin

I have a background in polymers, biosignals and a master’s in health sciences & technologies from ETH Zurich. As co-founder and CCO I shape our vision, holistically implement our strategy and drive our commercialization efforts. I coordinate all efforts in marketing, sales, customer relations and business operations. As former CTO and tech-savvy entrepreneur, I am also in charge of managing our IP.


Dr. Moritz Thielen

I have a PhD of Sciences in Mechanical and Process Engineering, with significant experience in cutting-edge technology and products, specifically in sensors, energy harvesting, thermoelectrics and wearables. I am managing all R&D at IDUN, coordinating material development, electronics development, application engineering, physiology research and software development.

Lead Material

Dr. Katja Junker

I am an experienced polymer chemist, having completed a PhD and Post-Doc at ETH Zurich. I am well versed in matters of chemistry and product engineering, with experience in automotive thermoplastics, textiles and wearable computing. I lead our material development, including material selection, processing and testing, in-house sample production and prototyping. I am also the safety officer for our labs, and in charge of quality control.

Lead Hardware & Electronics

Andrea Fümm

As IDUN’s first employee, I have been responsible for data acquisition, electronics development, bio signal processing and IT infrastructure. I am very hands-on and am the go-to for any tech tasks we need done. Alongside my job at IDUN, I am finishing up my studies in Informatics and Computer Science at ZHAW School of Engineering.

Lead Applications

Dr. Mark Melnykowycz

As an artist-engineer, I take a holistic approach to developing products at IDUN. My PhD in mechanical engineering and background in materials science allow me to bridge the gap between R&D and applications. My understanding of biopotential signals and the hardware allows me to translate our ideas into products people will love.

HR & Admin Manager

Anne-Kristin Lehmann

With a university degree in Business Administration and more than 10 years experience in the international media business I started a new chapter in Switzerland as HR Manager at IDUN. I am responsible for the whole employee life cycle and for a work environment, where our lovely team is able to grow and succeed.

Sales & Business Developer

Auriel Valtancoli

I have a background in Economics and Management with previous work experience in startup ecosystems. As a Junior Business Developer, I am in charge of building close relationships with customers and connecting with new potential partners. I support the management in revenue forecasting and make sure external feedback is taken into account when it comes to product development.

Research Engineer

Elias Meier

I have a background in sleep research and a master’s of Biomedicine from the University of Zurich. I bring a lot of experience in brain data collection and analysis with me. Here at IDUN, I am part of the neuroscience department, and my job is to acquire and evaluate data in order to examine possible fields of application for our device.

Full Stack Developer

Daniel Burger

After working as a software engineer in the industry for several years, developing software for advertising technology and digital reality, I transitioned into neurotechnology. At IDUN, I am in charge of the neurointelligence platform’s continuous full-stack development, cloud infrastructure operations, and research-driven design, with a focus on interactive brain-machine interface software and with a passion for VR applications.

Data Scientist

Wadda du Toit

After studying in South Africa I moved to Switzerland to become a data scientist intern that create brain-machine interface algorithms at IDUN Technologies. These include classifiers, used to extract valuable information from the brain, as well as algorithms that ensure the signal quality of the EEG.

MLOps Engineer

Konstantinos Samaras-Tsakiris

Seeking to decipher the brain’s algorithms, I’m using my Cloud and Software engineering skills to build IDUN’s neuro-computing platform. At CERN, over several years, I leveraged my electrical and computer engineering background to build critical Cloud infrastructure in support of scientific research. Taking a step towards neuroscience, I now contribute to IDUN’s data acquisition and orchestrate the Machine Learning infrastructure that transforms brain data to actionable insights.

Technical Sales Engineer

Abby Holland

I am a Canadian BioMechanical Engineer with a masters in Clinical Neuroscience, and have been captivated by neurotech since early in my studies. As a result, I have worked on projects involving EEG product development and neuroimaging-based signal processing in industry, academia, and volunteer organisations. I pride myself on being well-rounded within neurotech, and leverage this experience as the BCI Expert to support communication between departments and with external collaborators.

Intern Scientific Content Creation

Roopa Leonard

With a keen sense for language and a background in mixed-methods research, my job is to effectively communicate IDUN’s innovative work to the outside world. I also support the Sales & Marketing Team in event planning, marketing, and communication.

Intern Hardware & Electronics

Tanvi Tambe

After completing my Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London, I have joined IDUN Technologies as a Hardware & Electronics Intern. With previous R&D experience working at a WearableTech Startup based in London and an interest in Neurotechnology, I support the team in product development, testing and optimisation. 

Intern Hardware & Electronics

Lavinia Moretti

I am currently pursuing my Masters at ETH in Biomedical Engineering, with a focus on Electronics. I am fascinated by technology and its impact on medicine. I’m interested in using my Engineering expertise in the health field by focusing on preventative care and ongoing data flow and analysis through BCI. At IDUN, I am in the hardware department, working with embedded systems.

Intern Test Engineer NeuroTech

Federica Mozzini

I’m an Italian biomedical engineer from Politecnico di Milano with a Masters in Signal and Data Processing in Medicine. I’ve always been fascinated by the biomedical field, and always wanted to have an impact in the healthcare sector. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity here to achieve my goals as a Test Engineer NeuroTech in the material and neuroscience departments. At IDUN, I conduct tests from components level to application, and collect and analyze data. I also support the data processing development of EXG.

Advisory Board

Board member and advisor

Oliver Zehnich

As CEO of MICA Ventures, I oversee and manage 15+ investments in a diversified portfolio of companies. I also hold a position as interim CFO at Evolute, a fintech startup, as well as an advisory board member position at Partners Group Impact. As board member and advisor to IDUN I help the founders steer the startup towards success.


Nicola Ferroni

Having founded an HR Tech startup and supported many companies throughout their growth phases, I now lead a Zurich based advertising agency with customers all over the country. My entrepreneurial know-how and 12+ years of marketing experience allow me to assist IDUN in implementing our brand strategy.


Patrick Barnert

With 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and senior executive, I’ve built world-class teams as well as strong partner and customer relationships. I hold several board positions, for example at SONECT and Evolute, and am advisor to IDUN and the founding team.

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