IDUN Technologies Podcast - March 2021 – With our CTO, Dr. Moritz Thielen

Unlock Brain Secrets with Dr. Moritz Thielen: Unlock brain secrets, this is one of the nicest topic we can work on. During my PhD I was working on an EEG project with long time records, it was really annoying to go to hospitals to access the lab. IDUN Technologies enables to offer better interfaces constantly available to measure brain activity on longer periods. Technology should ease and enhance natural behaviors. From that, we inspired from grasshoppers to micro-structured electrodes offering a better skin adhesion and comfort. Now, we have to design prototypes scalable to make it available to the broad public. This is the right time to bring AI through earables on the market, but we have to watch out the way we bring that technology. We need to provide protection for users and to work hands in hands with people because without trust, we cannot do anything. Empathetic technology helps you understand emotions and being more human with your fellows. Internet of Humans enhances your human skills rather than dehumanizing. To stick with that mantra, we need to set the goal at the company scale to make sure we all work with the same purpose for user benefits. Data privacy is of course at the core of our approach, we’re thinking about decentralized storage methods as federated learning to reach our goal with the best cloud solution. Internet of Humans should help you to reach personalized feedback without making any additional effort to have it tailored for you.

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