IDUN Technologies introduces the IDUN Guardian, the first commercial in-ear EEG
platform available worldwide, ready to ship from April 1st 2023 

IDUN Technologies is proud to announce the release of the IDUN Guardian, the first commercial available in-ear EEG earbuds and brain analytics platform. The IDUN Guardian is an end-to-end in-ear EEG solution for measuring and processing brain signals. It aims to be indistinguishable from consumer earbuds, with the uniqueness of recording brain activity by detecting the electrical signals produced by the brain. The gathered data is then transmitted to IDUN’s brain analytics platform where is transformed into actionable insights designed to enhance the health and well-being solutions of IDUN’s partner ecosystem.

«The product release signifies the most important milestone of IDUN Technologies so far» says Simon Bachmann, co-founder and CEO. «The IDUN Guardian will allow our customers to leverage the most intuitive neural interface to date. Our customers will be able to build brain-powered products for sleep, mental wellbeing and entertainment powered through in-ear EEG.”

The trade-off between comfort and signal quality is a crucial factor in designing a sleep monitoring device that is both accurate and user-friendly. Polysomnography (PSG) offers high signal quality but is not comfortable or practical for consumers to use in their homes. Consumer wrist-worn devices are convenient but do not provide accurate sleep data. Our proprietary brain-sensing earbuds offer an ideal solution to this trade-off by providing high signal quality while being comfortable and convenient for consumers to wear. The earbud is positioned closer to the brain than a wrist-worn device, allowing for more accurate monitoring of brain signals and sleep stages. Additionally, it is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, with no wires or electrodes, making it easy for users to wear during the night. Overall, our EEG earbuds strike an ideal balance between signal quality and user comfort, making it a practical and effective solution for long-term sleep monitoring.

Using brain-monitoring earbuds to accurately measure sleep may be less comfortable and a bit more obtrusive than an Apple watch or a fitness tracker but provides much more accurate sleep data than wrist-worn devices. At the same time, it is significantly more comfortable than medical EEG devices or PSG but delivers comparable signal quality. This trade-off makes sense for consumers who want to improve their sleep because it strikes a balance between accuracy and convenience. Using these earbuds, individuals can get detailed insights into their sleep patterns and identify any issues that may be affecting their sleep quality. The earbuds design is comfortable enough to wear throughout the night, ensuring that the sleep data collected is representative of the person’s actual sleep patterns. It can also be used to scale sleep studies, since sleep EEG can be recorded from the comfort of home rather than in a sleep lab.

The brain analytics platform allows for the recording, processing, storing, and analysis of long periods of contextualized EEG data, enabling the development of algorithms which can be used to build personalized, impactful closed loop interventions for end-users. An example could be using AI generated music, tailored to one’s specific brainwaves pattern, for the promotion of a certain sleep stages to achieve more restorative sleep. The centralization of brain data on one platform also opens the door to what IDUN calls “the network effect”, which means the capability of linking different use cases to find patterns and trends. An example is the ability to correlate the achieved score of sleep quality with concentration levels the following day, all by using the same earbuds. In fact, although developed with sleep in mind, enterprises and academic researchers can investigate the potential of the IDUN Guardian in other use cases such as hearing, mental workload, mindfulness, gaming, and safety in automotives. The underlying technology of the IDUN Guardian has been developed, tested and validated over the past few years and is now ready to be shipped to the B2B market from April 1st onwards.

About IDUN Technologies

Founded in 2017 by Simon Bachmann and Séverine Gisin, IDUN Technologies AG is a Swiss neurotechnology start-up specializing in measuring and analyzing brain activity from the ear (in-ear EEG) utilizing the earbud form factor. IDUN’s mission is to make brain-related information accessible to enterprises and end-users by a combination of hardware design, data collection, algorithms and personalization, thus creating an empathic digital world.

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