Total Harmonic Discussions and IDUN Podcast

How can sleep be improved using hearables? Hosted by David Lindberg and Simon Weston on the Total Harmonic Discussions podcast, IDUN’s Lead Product Design Mark Melnykowycz talks about how IDUN is bringing complex neurotechnology into the hearables form factor.

Mark explains that the IDUN Guardian brain analytics platform adds another layer to earbuds technology and enables interventions that respond to what your brain needs. IDUN is building the technology to measure brain signals in everyday situations and developing a powerful algorithm that allows them to interpret those signals, such as detecting sleep spindles and K complexes. He highlights the importance of neuroethics and how IDUN is working with industry experts from neurotech and neuroscience to ensure that the product is ethically responsible and safe.

Mark mentions that it’s exciting to see LG entering this market as it shows there’s an appetite for this kind of technology in the consumer world and also helps to test the market. He describes IDUN’s current business model and plans for future scalability based on a reference design. In the long term, the IDUN Guardian will transition to fully integrated audio earbud designs and chip-level integration in OEM products to be scaled for the mass market.

Why did IDUN start with sleep? Mark explains that it makes sense from a market perspective and that sleep is the hardest use case to optimize for. Once perfected, other use cases are easier to adapt and scale. LG is also starting with sleep, which shows that it’s a critical use case for the industry. Overall, the IDUN Guardian brain analytics platform is poised to make a significant impact on the hearables industry. Watch this space!

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