IDTechEx and IDUN Podcast

In this episode of the IDUN Technologies podcast series, Tess Skyrme, a Technology Analyst from IDTechEx, joins IDUN’s Mark Melnykowycz to discuss the requirements for widespread adoption of wearables. Tess and Mark delve into the various form factors of sensors and the metrics they can provide. They also explore the added value that these sensors must provide to achieve widespread adoption.

They discuss the significance of consumer-focused neurotech and emphasize the importance of demonstrating its impact on everyday life in both the short and long term. Additionally, they emphasize the need for neurotech innovators to demonstrate the short-term benefits of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and provide evidence of an easy win for consumers to drive widespread adoption.

The podcast also explores the potential of sensor integration, such as different sensors integrated into one form factor (e.g. earbuds), to provide a more holistic view of health and wellbeing. This integration could potentially lead to more personalized and comprehensive health monitoring. Tune in to the IDUN Technologies podcast series to hear more about the fascinating world of wearables and neurotech!

Dr. Tess Skyrme is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, specializing in wearable sensor technology and electronics. Her expertise lies in the field of wearable sensors, including smart watches, virtual reality devices, skin patches, and medical devices. Tess closely monitors the latest trends and innovations in wearable technology, with a particular focus on their applications in digital health and wellness. She provides insights into the advancements in miniaturization, accelerometers, biometric sensors, and battery innovations that have fueled the significant growth of the wearable technology market.

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