Microsoft and IDUN Podcast

In an intriguing podcast episode, Mark from IDUN Technologies sat down with the renowned Ivan Tashev of Microsoft Research to discuss Ivan’s work at Microsoft, BCI and EEG. It was a privilege to hear from Ivan who has decades of experience in cutting-edge developments in the world of audio technologies.

Highlights from the Podcast:

  1. Ivan’s Drive: At the heart of Ivan’s illustrious career lies his passion for signal processing, especially when combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  2. Kinect’s Groundbreaking Success: Against all odds, Ivan’s team developed the audio and speech impairment pipeline for Kinect, leading it to be recognized as the fastest-selling electronics device in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  3. The Power of Audio: While visuals often steal the show, both Mark and Ivan delved into the profound impact of audio in shaping experiences, be it in movies or immersive simulations.
  4. A Shift to Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI): Since 2018, Ivan’s focus has shifted to the fascinating world of BCIs. But what prompted this transition? And how does it relate to his background in audio?
  5. BCI in the Real World: Ivan offers a fresh perspective on BCIs, moving beyond sci-fi fantasies. He envisions user-friendly BCI products that seamlessly blend into our daily lives.

Curious about the future of audio technologies and BCIs? Dive into the podcast to uncover the insights and predictions of a leading expert in the field. Don’t miss out!